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Tuscany was tore apart by the violence and intercommunal strife during the Middle Ages. The Medici family, the great patron of the Renaissance, who supported eminent scientists such as Galileo, built several imposing castles and villas.

Today Northern Tuscany, where is between Florence and Lucca, is the heavily populated plain. The area was centered aroud Livorno. Pisa, which turned its power into the western Mediterranean between 11 to 13th centuries, is now eonomic hub in the region.

Its navy worked extensively here for opening up the trading routes with North Africa and bringing the benefits of Arabic scientific and artistic achievement. Then the end of Pisan's power came when the Arno estuary began to silt up in the 16th century.

The central part of Toscany, where lies Siena, achived the finest hour after gaining the victory in the Battle of Montamerti but it was the short time and the town was devastated by the Black Death in 14th century and finally was defeated by Florence.

Mountain peaks and woodland symbolize ortheastern Tuscany and it once stood by the hermits and saints while the east was home to Piero della Francesca who was the early Rennaissance painter.

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