How to get to in Florence (for a week in Tuscany)

Arrive in Florence From USA

Fly into Florence. Your flight from the US will be overnight and you will have to change planes in Europe to get a flight to Florence. You will arrive in Florence around noon. It is tiring to change planes in Europe, after a long overseas flight, but it is the easiest way to get to Florence.

Leave the US on a Tuesday, so that you arrive in Florence on Wednesday. Spend three nights in a hotel in Florence. This lets you have a few days to recover from jet lag before you have to start driving and you get to spend three nights in an incredible city. Stay right in the historic center so that you can walk to most of the sites and easily get back to your hotel during the day for a rest.

Note: Most vacation rentals are Saturday to Saturday. That is why I recommend arriving on Wednesday in Florence. When you leave on Saturday, you can go straight to your vacation rental.

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