Holiday in Grosseto (Tuscany)

To Visit Grosseto for holiday

In the network of the modern city the historical center is drawn, closed by the green hexagon of the bastions that Francis Ifece to renew (1574).
The survivors of gnawed her, already etrusca, after the 935 Saracen devastation, they were sheltered here, in the lowland of the Ombrone to a dozen of kilometers from the sea.
The fortune of the place followed the alternate one to prevail of the reclamation and of the malaria, defeated in our century. Siena firmly had the city from 1336, that been surrendered only to the Physicians in 1559, after Montalcino.
It is market and chief town of the Maremma Toscana, fervently agricultural.
To visit, the Cathedral of end 200, the Archaeological Museum and of art, the boundaries and the Church of St. Francis, in the outskirtses the Natural Park of the Maremma and the ruins Etrusche of Gnawed her.
Marina di Grosseto
In 1792, under Ferdinando III, the construction of the Strong St. Rocco was completed, situated to few meters from the sea. Today the strong one is instead 400 meters in the inside, on the right side of the channel of St. Rocco, to testify as the beaches, is increased continuously naturally. The same channel was created in 1840 with the reclamation leopoldina, to carry to the sea the waters of the river Ombrone.
The strong one belonged to the defensive works of the coast and for everything the 1800 the soldiers were the only ones, inhabitants of St. Rocco, the actual Marina of Grosseto.
At the end of the first world war, apparirono the first ones, modest residences, but the real development started in the years 50: since then the expansion has been continuous. Today the bathing establishments and the numesis you moor hair larnautica from the I behave you/they have done a true town and proria of it an oasis of convenience in the middle of the nature, well inserted among the long pineta grossetana and the layers of the park of the maremma.

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