Stay in Livorno (Tuscany)

Leghorn. A major city, the second most important city of Tuscany. An hour's drive from the principal historical centres of the region.
Equipped with a commercial port, as wel as being the seat of the Naval Academy, it is a stop-over for tourist cruises and for passengers embarking for and from the islands.
The system of forts is notewhorty as are the canals which cut across it.
In the surrounding area, the renowned seaside resort of Quercianella and Montenero, with its sanctuary and its magnificent views.

Quercianella is a fine village, always destination of Italian and foreign tourists, placed in the outskirts of Livorno, setted in a green wood next to the blue Tyrrhenian sea. Quercianella developed very fast but maintained its pine groves, its silence, its tranquillity, where one can have a poetic sojourn with modern facilities in villas, hotels and boarding houses, as well as excellent restaurants. The characteristics of the mild climate in every period of the year and the quality of the sea water make Quercianella an important Health Resort, also in winter. A Castle towers over the whole scenario: it was a Tuscan Watch Tower, trasformed into a particular dwelling by the Italian Foreign Minister Sidney Sonnino. The uneven coast with bays, beaches and little harbours offers places always different to discover every day. The calm, the sea, the sun, the green of the vigorous Mediterranean Undergrowth have made Quercianella one of the most known and appreciated resort places in Italy. The Circolo Nautico Quercianella offers export instructors to whom is keen on sailing. If you love diving,there is a Team of Divers who can make you discover the unpolluted beauty of the seabed. If you love nature, Quercianella offers a good alternative to the seaside, a series of trekking and biking routes through the hills of Quercianella. There is also a good tradiction of gastronomy made of fish, provided by the local fishermen, more appreciated if tasted in the terrace of the good restaurants overlooking the sea.
The Fattori museum and Villa Mimbelli are also worth special mention.

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