Holidays in Pistoia (History, Culture and Art)

If you Want Visit Tuscany, Pistoia shows well elements of original characterization.

Put to the feet of the Appennino, introduces a pleasant tourist mix of history, art, folklore, monumentalitą, naturalism, gastronomy.
Among the known centers in Tuscany, Pistoia shows well elements of original characterization and val a visit.
It has authoritatively been defined not by chance "center of small art"; whereas the adjective doesn't want to represent a diminution, but it means that the city cannot be visited and fully inclusive in his specific also with a non long visit.

For those wishing to visit Tuscany, Pistoia is in an ideal position close to all the main tourist centres. These centres can easily be reached by car or train, with the advantage of being in a quiet town surrounded by trees at the foot of the Pistoiese Mountains. Florence can be reached by car in about 20 minutes and Montecatini Terme in 15 minutes.

Pistoia itself merits a visit because of its numerous and important museums, namely the Marino Marini Foundation, the characteristic Piazza della Sala, the Hospital del Ceppo and many other important monuments. Do not forget that 4 Km. from this town is the very beautiful Zoological Garden, one of the most complete in all Italy.

This town lies 67 m. above sea level at the north-western edge of the plain of Florence, near the initial ramifications of the Apennines, approximately 35 km. from the regional capital.

Originally a Roman centre (Pistoria), under the Lombards it became a defensive stronghold and seat of `castaldia'. After a period of rule by bishops, it became a free municipality with a Statute dating back to 1177, one of the oldest in Italy.

The 13th century was its period of major prosperity, though this was hindered by constant battles with Florence. In 1306 Pistoia was conquered by the latter and this was the start of its decline. It lost all autonomy and formed part of the Florentine possessions in 1530. It then shared the fortunes of the Grand Duchy until 1859, when it was united with the Kingdom of Italy.

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