Tuscan Wine, the passion.

Today we speak of passion of Tuscany (Siena)

Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano may, or may not, all conjure up an idyllic scene of long established aristocrats enjoying the spoils of perfectly manicured olive groves and rolling terracotta vineyards. However don?t be mislead by this serenely beautiful image, for its creation demands a serious amount of hard work, thought and foresight. Thankfully there is a band of Tuscan producers who are not ones to relax into the alluring comfort of their time-honoured heritage, in fact they have realised that they must now work harder than ever before in order for them to maintain the wonderful reputation generations of wine production have brought them. Collectively, their aim is to produce the very finest wines they possibly can, whether from local or from international grape varieties, yet maintain the true Tuscan character of the wines. Huge investment and open mindedness coupled together with closer relations in foreign markets have helped these producers understand the markets they are catering for and thus resulted in a dramatic improvement in the quality and range of wines being produced. This is a fantastic region for quality wines and hopefully the producers and their wines we offer will help to convince you likewise!

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