Tour Castiglion of the Pescaia (Grosseto)

The beaches of Castiglion of the Pescaia

The beaches of Castiglione of the Pescaia are become, with the bathing tourism, one of the most important resources of the region. Castiglione of the Pescaia offers a very interesting environment to the tourist from the naturalistic point of view, if that is thought that it is extended not in a very vast zone. The frequent mareggiates, with preponderant winds from No and Or in the summer, they do yes that here the air both always a little bit movement. The beaches, one said of west, proper of the waterfront of Castiglione of the Pescaia, that reaches Point Nipple and the other, said of east, that reaches her Marze, they represent an example of the equilibrium that is had among the sea tides and the winds. That of east, one of the amplest spiaggies of Castiglione of the Pescaia, have a chain of rock-cliffs that embanks in natural way the limit of the sure waters, the bathing making also possible for the smallest. On the mouth of the river Bruna we find the dock and the I bring, where possible to acquire is, directly from the fishermen, kind to the morning, of the good fresh fish. The pineta ago from frame to the shore, while the green of the Mediterranean stain the high ground behind the country.
Tourist Info
Castiglion of the Pescaia, is a place enough to the fashion of the coast grossetana. Perhaps one of the most known centers in the zone together with Point Wing. Numerous restaurants are found pub and pizzerie, some really enchanting ones, the greatest part of the qulis in the historical center.
It is also found in the proximities one of the most beautiful discos in the zone, the Capannina, a summer place purely and to the open one, where pleasant evenings are spent in company.

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