Holiday in Lucca (Tuscany)

Lucca is the capital of the Province of Lucchesia and is one of the richest areas in Tuscany for history, tradition and culture.

The area offers an extraordinary variety of interesting tourist destinations from Versilia on the Tyrrhenian coast, where there are international seaside resorts such as Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, to Garfagnana renowned for its natural beauty in the apuan Alps, to the hills overlooking Lucca where wine and olive oil abound together with some of the most beautiful and historically renowned homes in Tuscany.

Lucca, is one of the most ancient towns of Etruria with its rich cultural and mercantile heritage and boasts a unique town centre which is completely enclosed by monumental walls which date back to the 1500th century. The Wall, whilst not being quite as well known as the Great Wall of China, is a spectacular fortification. There are also churches, of course, monuments and the gardens of the great villas.

Lucca is the perfect starting point for anyone wishing to visit the other famous cities and towns in Tuscany and in the neighbouring regions.

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